Custom Cat Tag Slot DEPOSIT

Only 3 left in stock


A sterling silver(+accent metal) pet tag for those special companions and familiars that deserve the very best <3
Since these are fine-jewelry quality charms, they can totally double as a fancy pendant for a cat parent to wear themselves :)

Listing is the deposit for a custom pet tag or pendant. This not only reserves your spot, but also covers intitial custom design and materials to get started on your project.
The second payment(Total Cost - Deposit = Final Payment) will be the remainder of the total cost, which I will discuss with you prior to physically starting your project, as prices vary slightly by design and choice of stone. 
Average price for custom tag or pendant orders will be $75-$150 depending on the design and wether or not it includes a set stone or sterling silver chain.  A more budget-friendly option made of nickel silver alloy with sterling silver accents will be available for $30-$50.

For only 3 custom tag slots are going to be available Fall 2018.

Second and third photos modeled by Bronson (@iambronsoncat) photos by Mike Wilson, 2018